For me teaching is an integral part of academic life. Over the last years, I have (co-)developed and taught BA and MA courses on the long-term development of science and technology, history of science in colonial and global context, Science and Technology Studies (STS), and Dutch (colonial) history at the Universities of Twente and Leiden. Since 2017, I am course director of the international CuriousU Summer Cobrochure-htht-governance-innovation-sociotechnical-changeurse Technology & Society at the University of Twente. Moreover, I have supervised several MA and BA theses on a broad range topics. I have also worked as temporary coordinator of a Leiden University based training program (ENCOMPASS) for BA- and MA-students from all over Asia. Since 2017, I teach in the following courses:

    1. History of Science and Technology – 1st year of Master Programme Philosophy of Science, Technology & Society (=PSTS) (2019)
    2. Transformations of Knowledge in a Digital Age (together with dr. Koray Koraca) – 2nd year of Master programme Philosophy of Science, Technology & Society (=PSTS, course code 201800146), (2018-)
    3. HTHT Minor Governance of Innovation and Socio-Technical Change. The programm’s brochure can be found here. (2016-2017)
    4. RESTS teaching: Reflection 1 for Creative Technology BA students (2017/2018).