Tjap 032

If you are interested in being supervised by me, please get in touch by email or phone: My field of expertise lies in the long-term development of science and technology (including histories of science, global history, and the history of museum collections and archives) and digital heritage (with a special focus in biodiversity heritage collections). I am in particular interested in projects in which technology is used to disclose and learn grom digitized collections, e.g. from the Twente region. Here is a list of projects, which I am currently supervising and which I have supervised in the past:

On PhD level:

  1. P. van Wingerden (buitenpromovendus, together with prof. F. van Lunteren, VU and U Leiden): Science, Natural History and the Dutch empire in the first half of the ninteenth century (in progress since mid-2017).

On MA level:

  1. D. Hofstee (U Twente, PSTS programme, first reader, MA thesis on UX design in times of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (ongoing).
  2. S. Valenzuela Hernandes (U Twente, PSTS programme, second reader, 2018), MA thesis title: Pedagogy of the digitally oppressed: An analysis of e-learning from a philosophy of technology perspective (successfully completed, August 2018).
  3. K. Nieuwendijk (U Leiden, MA History, second reader, 2011), MA thesis title: Met Van Oort naar verre oorden (successfully completed in 2011).
  4. Ch. Zhang (U Leiden, MA History, second reader, 2011), MA thesis title: The Dependency and Autonomy of Art in Natural History: Pieter van Oort (1804-1834) and the Natuurkundige Commissie voor Nederlands Indië (1820-1850) in the Dutch East Indies (successfully completed in 2011).

On BA level:

  1. B. Mamangkey (U Twente, BA, ATLAS programme, personal pursuit (6 ECTS), supervisor, 2018), working title: Examining the societal effect of the Dutch colonial era on present day Indonesia (successfully completed in July 2018).
  2. K. Lehmann (U Twente, BA, European Studies, thesis, second reader, 2013), The importance of historical connections between Turkey and Europe during the period of the late Ottoman Empire (successfully completed in 2013).
  3. M.J. van Oort (U Twente, BA thesis, European Studies, second reader, 2013), De Nederlandsche Handelsmaatschappij op het wereldtoneel (successfully completed in 2013)
  4. W. Dianisari (U Leiden, BA thesis, Encompass program, second reader, 2008), Knowledge transfer in the context of botanical investigations: A history of chincona in Java in the 19th century (successfully completed in 2008).